Vital statistics
Species Half-Cat
Notable features Fat orange hair
Squashed nose
Loyalty Hermione Granger
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Crookshanks was Hermione Granger's pet cat and was her magical familiar. He is also a half-Kneazle.

The evidence to this is by his strange, lion-like appearance and resemblance, ability to solve problems on his own without aid or teaching, and the strong and clear dislike of and ability at easily recognising untrustworthy people, even if they are transfigured or in Animagus form.




Hermione GrangerEdit

Hermione always protected Crookshanks from mean comments from her friend Ron Weasley. Crookshanks always stayed with Hermione and helped her in many things. Hermione was proud, when she heard that Crookshanks was clever enough to help Sirius Black .

Sirius BlackEdit

Crookshanks helped Sirius all along, bringing him the password and attracting Ron, Harry Potter and Hermione.

Ron WeasleyEdit

Ron strongly disliked Crookshanks for a long while. Later, he liked Crookshanks, and even asked, if his owl, was really an owl.

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