Death Eaters have multiple clothing and they each wear it to symbolize their a Death Eater. Death eaters can take off their mask and turn it into black smoke.

Costume 1Edit

In costume 1 death eaters were a white animal mask without a nose or mouth and they wear Cone sha

Nott in his "Costume 1"

ped hats with a square hole in a side for the death eater's head to come through. Death Eaters also carry staffs of fire and (for a secret they look patheticly immature) they trashed the 1994 Quidditch World Cup.

Costume 2Edit

Death Eaters now wear a silver mask that covers the entire head and they wear a cape that has a hood on it, along with a hard black suit. Death eaters can take off their mask and make it dissolve into thin air too. While the death eater is unmasked you can punch him or harm him.