Dolores Umbridge
Dolores Umbridge 2
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Side Unknown
Wand Unusually Short
Birth and Death Unknown
Job Senior Undersecretary (formerly)
High Inquisitor (formerly)
DADA teacher (formerly)
Headmistress (formerly)
Loyalty Ministry of Magic
Muggle-Born Registration Comission (head)
First Appearance Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Professor Dolores Umbridge was High Inquisitor/Headmistress/Defence Against the Dark Arts Teacher and Senior Undersecretary at Hogwarts 1995 to 1996. She was a gay part of the Inquisitorial Squad and Muggle-Born Registration Comission until she soon had a life-sentence in Azkaban. She was known to dislike Half Breeds and she angrilly shot a rope at a centaur that immidiately strangled him, nearly sacking Hagrid, and got furiated when a centaur called Firenze became new D
Dolores Umbridge

Umbridge in the Ministry

ivination Teacher after she sacked Trelawney. She is supposubly claimed to be a Pure-Blood Witch.


Cornelius FudgeEdit

Cornelius Fudge was like Umbridge's husband. Cornelius made Umbridge a Senior Undersecretary to the Minister and in 1995 made her Hogwarts High Inquisitor followed by helping her become new Headmistress of Hogwarts. Technically Umbridge was kind to every Minister she was introduced too and Umbridge voted with Fudge to send Harry Potter to possibly Azkaban [1] but the vote rebound and Harry was cleared of all charges. Cornelius and Dolores had a giant relationship.

Pius ThicknesseEdit

Pius Ticknesse was the new Minister in 1997 after Rufus Scrimgeour's death and he created a Muggle-Born Registration Comission and Umbridge was the head. Umbridge interrogated the Muggle-Borns and owned Salazar Slytherin's Locket. In the end she got sent to Azkaban for a life sentence.


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