Kreacher at Hogwarts

is a House-Elf who served The House of Black. He hated Blood Traitors and mudbloods, and insulted most of the Order of the Phoenix members.



Kreacher was kind to the Black family, who all believed in blood supremacy apart from Sirius Black, who was a blood traitor. Kreacher also hates other Blood traitors, Muggle-Borns and other people who deny Blood purity and The House of Black. He cleaned Walburga Black's portrait because Walburga hated Blood traitors too [1] making Kreacher loved by the House of Black and he loved them back. However Kreacher is loyal to Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger and fought for Albus Dumbledore in the Battle of Hogwarts showing REAL loyalty.


The House of BlackEdit

Kreacher lived at 12 Grimmauld Place from the day he was hired to about 1996-1997

Walburga Black, One of Kreacher's biggest loyalties

when the Order of the Phoenix moved. Kreacher served the House of Black and was happy living with them for their loyalty to him and he didn't want to be freed. Kreacher went along with his masters' distrust of Blood traitors and Mudbloods and he turned his back and left Harry Potter, a Half-Blood when he saw him in 1995.

Regulus BlackEdit

Regulus Black

Regulus when he was at Hogwarts. Unlike how he was when Kreacher and him went to the cave

Kreacher was loyal to Regulus, Sirius Black's brother. But hated Sirius on the other hand. Regulus also brought Kreacher to the Horcrux Cave to steal Salazar Slytherin's Locket and Regulus replaced it with his own.
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