Pure-Blood is a person with magical parents and grandparents. It has two kind of meanings:

  1. Pure Bloods who are kind with muggles, muggle-borns and half-bloods and live their lives
  2. Nasty Pure-Bloods who say muggle-borns are scum and Mudbloods

Pure-Blood FamiliesEdit


The Malfoy family is a Pure-Blood Family with silver-blonde hair. They are related to

The Malfoy Family

the Black Family and are mean to muggle-borns. The Malfoys have attended Hogwarts and been in Slytherin for centuries. Mostly they are death eaters like Draco and Lucius Malfoy, Narcissa got defected. The Malfoys are related to the Blacks by Maternal family.


The House of Black is a famous large Wizarding Family related to millions. They are popular and are all Slytherin. They are again a nasty family who think Mudbloods...
Sirius Black


......but Sirius Black is a nice one and he was killed by his own cousin in 1996. The Blacks were related to Weasleys, Malfoys, Burkes, Potters, and many more. The House lives at 12 Grimmauld Place in London and have a tapestry showing their family tree. The tapestry is very complicated.


The Weasleys are a kind family and their main father Arthur Weasley is a Department of Mysteries Worker and in the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts
Arthur Weasley


office. Ronald Weasley is in this family too. Weasleys again are related to the Black Family. The Weasley family were featured in the Daily Prophet in 1993 because they visited Egypt.

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